Hidden Heart Collection

It started with a cloudy day. Looking, without really seeing, I snapped a photo. It wasn’t until a couple days later that I noticed the hidden figure. I found the second heart hiding on my sisters lunch one day. It wasn’t until the third that I started to see them as more than an accidental occurance. Whether they are little signs from God, random gifts from nature or just my imagination, they bring a smile to my face no matter what. They remind me how great my life really is and that I am loved by many.

And if you’re wondering… I don’t go looking for hearts, and I try not to force the shape out of anything, nor do I photoshop them into being. But if I see it, I see it.

And I pray I have a camera on me

2 thoughts on “Hidden Heart Collection

  1. Oh my goodness! Now I have chills….! I was in a car accident almost 3 years ago. I took pictures of the total wreckage at Fossil Creek. When I looked at the photos later, several of the dents in the hood & roof of my SUV were unmistakably heart-shaped. A sign from God that He was watching over me. I should send you one of the photos. <3
    Hope we can get together soon for a photo shoot of my family.
    Blessings, Amber Karpouskie
    (I work with Leanne & your mom)

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