My new Canon 5D! It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here! A lot of work went into getting this camera, and a lot of frustration as well [something always happens]. But regardless, it’s HERE and I’m so happy! Just in time for my trip to North Carolina. I can’t wait to shoot some pictures out there. Here are some of the first images I took while adjusting to the Canon system. Such a difference from my Alpha! The lens I bought is a 50mm f/1.4 and it is fantastic.

Call me strange but I always remember the first image I take on a new camera, and I didn’t want it to be any different this time around. But, unfortunately I wasn’t able to use the camera until after nightfall due to complications with shipment so artificial light was my only light source available to me at the time. We all know natural light is better so I was a little disappointed knowing my first picture wouldn’t look the best. I decided to take a picture of this framed photo of my Grandparents so it would have some meaning behind it too, something that I wouldn’t be disappointed in regardless of the lighting.

Playing with the depth of field with this new lens. I love it! Very high quality.

The following day I took it out to test it’s capabilities with actual natural light. Zooey, my sisters Corgi, was curious as to what I was doing in her backyard. :]

I can’t wait until North Carolina! I’ve never experienced the East Coast before and for a home grown Arizonan, going from Saguaros in an empty desert to trees, sand and sea might be a bit of a shock to me.

Nah. I’m just afraid I won’t want to leave :]

I hope everyone has a great week! Come back soon for photos from my trip!



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