DIY Dresser Makeover!

This project took me a little over a year to do. Mainly because remodeling a dresser isn’t number one on a college students budget list. But FINALLY, I have had the time and money to finish this bad boy up. Back in the day this dresser was painted all white. My mom decided to paint it for my sisters room when she was younger to a Mary Englebreit theme. And then my teenage years came around and the hand-me-down dresser just didn’t match my “awesome” attitude, so i painted it black… Really? I don’t know why I did that. Anyways, It took me a number of hours just to strip the 8 layers of paint off of it. Then I decided to turn the drawers into shelves but it ended up becoming too much work to handle at the time, and a hassle for my family while it lived in the garage for the past year. Once I decided to jazz up the front of the drawers with chalkboard paint I looked into getting glass handles to give it a modern touch. Not only did I venture to about 20 different stores JUST to get the PERFECT pulls, I also bought three different styles and found myself to be too picky for them to work. Hobby Lobby, though, had a 50% off sale on all their hardware and I ended up with my dream pulls. :) But the problems didn’t stop there. The drawer pull holes ended up being 1/8th of an inch off of the actual drawer holes so screwing in the hardware WAS NOT my favorite part of this project. And to top it off… half of the screws were missing when I bought the pulls so I had to go on a hunt in Home Depot to find the right size open-ended screws, washers and bolts.

That’s my rant. But Don’t get me wrong. I am very pleased with the outlook. :)

And I DEFINITELY learned alot.


Dresser DIY makeover

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